The Organisation is focused on the protection of children, their care and wellbeing. This involves the following:


Investigations of child abuse : reported cases of child abuse and neglect are investigated. Counselling of abused children is undertaken. In severe cases children are placed in alternative care.


Foster Care : The organisation enrols and screens foster parents. A foster parent training course prepares prospective foster parents for the fostering of children. The placement of children in foster care is supervised by a Social Worker. AIDS orphans and children at risk for other reasons are placed in foster care where possible and when necessary.


Child and Family Counselling: Guidance and counselling are undertaken with parents and children who are involved in troubled relationships and with children who are experiencing developmental, adjustment and personal problems.


Family Reconstruction Services : Family reconstruction services are rendered to biological parents whose children have been removed and placed in alternative care.


Crisis interventions for Edenvale families in need: After screening by a social worker needy families are supported on a short term basis with food, clothing and subsidized day-care for preschool children, if applicable.


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