Pinocchio Educare Centre provides early childhood development for children of preschool age from low income families. They are given opportunities for both play and mental stimulation. The children are under strict supervision while at the centre and are provided with one snack and one meal per day.


Staff: The Centre has 3 members of teaching staff, a cook and a cleaner; all under the guidance of a qualified Principal.

Teaching: The children are given a good grounding in all aspects of pre-school education up to the required standard, and excellent results are being achieved with the programme. The children are divided, according to age, into three classes: Grade 00, Grade 0 and Grade R in preparation for promotion to mainstream Grade 1.

Playground: The children enjoy playtime, which is important for their development of gross motor skills, basic concepts and socialization skills.


Meals: The children are supplied with porridge for breakfast when they arrive at school plus a nutritious cooked lunch and mid-morning/afternoon snacks of fruit. All food is prepared on the premises daily. All meals are in accordance with Department of Social Development's requirements.

The programme is designed to provide Early Childhood Development of the highest possible quality for children aged three to six years to equip them to enter into formal schooling without any disadvantage. In fact, the Centre prides itself on the fact that it is always complimented on the readiness of the children it prepares for primary schools in the area.


The racial mix of the 51 children is currently black, coloured and Indian while the staff is 80% black and 20% white.


The current funding of the Centre is from various sources. Part of the daily costs and overheads is covered by a nominal daily allowance per child from the Department of Social Development . Another portion comes from contributions made by the parents. The shortfall is made up from other funding sources such as donations from the public, Lotto, etc.


Funding opportunities abound at the centre. Apart from the day-to-day running costs of the Centre, it currently needs additional funding for a variety of capital projects (see our wish list) such as:


  • a new kitchen for the approximately 130 meals prepared per day.
  • upgrade the bathroom facilities.
  • enlarge the classroom for the Grade R learners to meet latest educational requirements for early childhood development practices.
  • general painting and maintenance, both inside and outside, to ensure the continued well-being of the children in its care.


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