The Organisation is concerned with the level of poverty in certain areas and has established:



School Counselling Centres: Individual and group counselling services are provided for children at various schools within the community.


Talks and Workshops: Parenting courses and workshops on bullying, self-esteem, etc., are run from time to time. Talks are arranged to encourage awareness within the community of various issues related to family life.


Food Parcels: After consultation with a social worker, families may be assisted with a monthly food parcel of basic items. Food is resourced from donations from organizations and members of the general public.


Women’s Empowerment Programme: A women’s empowerment group is run at Makause. Currently residents of this informal settlement are assisted in manufacturing hats, bags and mats from plastic bags - thus providing them with a small income while reducing the solid waste stream.

Students: The organisation is accredited for social work students and social auxiliary work students from UJ, UNISA, the Department of Social Development, Tshwane University of Technology etc. Psychology students also do their internships at the organisation.

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