The items on the wish list below are over and above our normal budget, which means that our normal funding is insufficient to cover any one of them. We would need to drop one or more of our existing services to free up the funds for an item on the wish list, something we could not bring ourselves to do. So some of the items on the wish list have just continued to accumulate over time. The purpose of publishing the wish list is to make you aware of our needs in the hope that you will be able to make an extra-ordinary donation towards one or more of the items on the list (either in cash or in kind). Please don't feel that your donation has to cover the entire cost of an item - any contribution will be gratefully received.




• First Aid Training for Staff

• Another Vehicle

• Petrol Vouchers

• Airtime Vouchers

• Educare Pre-school Sponsorship - Sponsor a child for R100, R200, R300, R400, R500 per month

• Stationery


• Groceries and toiletries for families in need

• Sponsor a Teacher/Social Worker.



• Stationery supplies (Photocopy paper, envelops A5 and A4)

• Telephone:- payment of Telkom bills

• Carpeting for three rooms approximately 60²Sq

• Printing of Official stationery

• Lace curtains / Blinds for 6 windows

• Pavement Paving- Approximately 60² Sq



• Coloured Paper - A4/A3 any colour

• Monthly groceries for children:

e.g. mince, boerewors, Vienna’s,

chicken fillets, frozen mixed vegetables,

spaghetti, pack soups, cheddar cheese,

eggs, potatoes, biscuits and juice (Oros).

• Retractable wax crayons

• Refurbishing Children's bathrooms

• Railing for curtains/ painting

• Pritt Sticks

• Powder Paint (Water based) for children’s painting Activities

• Vanish to protect play equipment and Wendy house

• Another Wendy house.

• Toiletries- Toilet paper/ Hand Wash

• Cleaning Chemicals

• Items for Activity Room- Bean bags, bats and balls

Cleaning Chemicals

Items for Activity Room (Bean Bag Etc..)_


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