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What We Do

Resources that are available to Child Welfare S.A. – Edenvale are utilised in the following ways:


Pinocchio Educare Centre provides early childhood development for children of preschool age for children from low income families. They are given opportunities for both learning through play and mental stimulation. The children are under strict supervision while at the centre and are provided with snacks and a healthy balanced meal per day.




Social Work

The Organisation is focused on the protection of children, their care and wellbeing. This involves the following:

Investigations of Child Abuse

Reported cases of child abuse and neglect are investigated. Counselling is offered to those in need. In severe cases children are placed in alternative care.

Foster Care

The organisation screens potential foster parents. Prospective foster parents are guided in the processes required when fostering childred. The placement of children in foster care is supervised by a Social Worker. AIDS orphans and children at risk for other reasons are placed in foster care where possible and when necessary.
For more information on Fostering a child please speak to Celeste Thies at our office 011 452 5940/1 or 071 308 7008.

Child and Family Counselling

Guidance and counselling are undertaken with parents and children who are involved in troubled relationships. The same goes for children who are experiencing developmental, adjustment and personal problems.

Family Reconstruction Services

Family reconstruction services are rendered to biological parents whose children have been removed and placed in alternative care.

A detailed process is followed.


After screening is done by a social worker needy families are supported on a short term basis with food, clothing and subsidized day-care for preschool children, if applicable.

Community Empowerment Project


Objectives of the Project

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To provide opportunities for individual self-development.
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To instill developmental skills in children, parents and the community at large.
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To promote emotional, social and physical well-being of the community.
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To establish fruitful relationships and collaboration with donors and NGOs, with the view of extending their activities to the beneficiaries of this project.
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Protection of children
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Provide a safe, healthy and secure place of care for children.

School Counselling

School counselling is offered within Edenvale and Bedfordview upon request from the various schools.

Outreach Programmes

The Organisation is concerned with the level of poverty in Bedfordview, Edenvale and surrounding areas and has established the following:


The organisation helps with counselling and mediation to clients during the process of working on parenting plans. We offer assistance and counselling at five school in the area when needed.

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